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Paro valley located west of Thimphu elevation about 2,250m above sea level, covers a total area of 1258.5 Sq. km. Average temperature from 26 to 140 C in summer to 14 to -5 0 C in winter. Paro is one of the developed dzongkhags in the country. This valley is very fertile with paddy, wheat, millet, potatoes, apple and seasonal vegetables grown as the main crops.Bhutan trekking tours

It is a broad and beautiful valley with a very good network of road and Paro Airport is the only international airport of Bhutan. The airport is located 6 km (3.7 mi) from city in a deep valley on River bank at an elevation of 7,300 ft (2,200 m).

Though, the capital of Bhutan is Thimphu, but for a longer time of the history Paro had the control of this part of the country. The town in western Bhutan attracts tourists due to its scenic locales, beautiful landscapes, wooded villages and historic buildings.

Paro District is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in all Bhutan. The charming small town lies just a short distance northwest of the imposing Paro Dzong. Dzongkhag is situated in the north-western part of the country.

Its a place full of legends and history and events which marked the beginning of great cultural heritage of Bhutan. According to legends, Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) came on the back of a tigress to this place in 761 AD, bringing with him the teachings of Buddha from Tibet.

Guru Rimpoche established the most important religious site in Bhutan, the Taktsang Lhakang or Tiger’s Nest near this city. Religious leaders of Paro controlled Western Bhutan for quite a long time and Nyingmapa School established by Guru Rimpoche gave great monks and able leaders.

Sgabdrung Ngwang Namgyal arrived in Bhutan in 1616 from Tibet and established the dual system of governance here that remained in place till the beginning of last century. At the end of 19th century Penlop of Paro was defeated by Penlop of central and eastern Bhutan, who later became the first king of the country.

Tourism in Paro Bhutan

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The valley is unique in beauty and in history The Taktsang Monastery means the Tiger’s Nest. This monastery has been built around the cave where Guru Rimpoche and later his follower Dubthak Singye meditated. It clings to a cliff of rock which is about 800 meters above the valley.

A visit to this monastery is a challenge, exhausting, thrilling and mystical. According to the legend, Guru Padmasambhava flew on the back of a tiger from Tibet to this place. Paro is bestowed with many sacred sites and historical buildings scattered through the area.

The various tourist attractions in Paro are the National Museum, Philatellic Gallery, Taktsang Monastery, Rimpung Dzong and Thongdroel. Kyichu Lhakhang, one of the kingdom’s oldest and most sacred temples and Dungtse Lhakhang are other tourist attractions in Paro.

Paro is the gateway to the country of Bhutan. Situated in the  Valley of Eastern Himalaya, the town is full of legends, heroism, and natural splendor. it can be easily reached by air or bus. if you need more information fell free to contact us.