Nepal climbing permit fees for Peak climbing in Nepal

Climbing in Nepal

Mountain peak climbing in Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal is a major adventure tourism activity. There are 33 trekking peaks bellow 2,200 feet above sea level were open for climbing under the Nepal mountaineering association, among these peaks divided in two categories, 15 expedition peaks in group “A” and remaining 18 climbing peaks in group “B”. Department of Tourism Nepal issues the peak climbing permit to climb these mountains, permit fees depend on the number of climbers and category of the climbing peak.Mera peak - Mera peak climbing

The world today has got integrated like never before and our lives have been simplified to a great extent. But it is also essential to mention that though we may have lot of comforts around us; our life has also become fast paced. With such hectic lifestyles, we seem to have got busier like never before. During such times taking a holiday seems to be a great way to relax.

The world is filled with some incredible destinations with some beautiful landscapes. Each continent of the globe has some brilliant travel destinations and one such continent which has a lot to offer is the continent of Asia. Nepal is South Asian country which is known for world famous peaks. For adventure travelers, Nepal is no less than paradise. We will provide you following peak climbing service, summit package including total information about peak climbing in Himalaya Nepal.

Trekking or hiking is one of the most popular adventure activities and what better place than Nepal could offer you a great peak climbing experience. There is no dearth of peaks in this beautiful country and you can plan your trip depending upon the time available with you and the level of difficulty which you would like to go for in climbing.

Peak climbing in  Nepal would offer you an adventure of lifetime along with spectacular views of the mountains. Nepal climbing could be undertaken in the various regions like Everest region, Makalu region, Annapurna Region, Manaslu Region, Dolpo Region, Langtang Region and so on. Each of these regions could be covered in different number of days but one thing which is common in all of these is the stunning views which these have to offer. There are numerous climbing amazing peaks that you can explore in this beautiful country is listed here.

Peak climbing in Nepal – Trekking peaks

Group A peaks                                                          Group B peaks  
Cholatse peak                                                          Shigu Chuli
Machermo peak                                                      Mera peak
Kyazo Ri peak                                                           Kusum Kanguru
Nirekha peak                                                            Kwangde peak
Langsisa Ri                                                                  Chulu West
Ombigaichen peak                                               Island peak
Bokta peak                                                                Pharchamo peak
Chekijo peak                                                            Lobuje peak
Phari Lapcha peak                                                Ramdung peak
Lobuje West peak                                                Pisang peak
Larkya peak                                                             Tharpu Chuli
ABI peak                                                                     Khongma-tse
Yubra Himal                                                             Ganja-la Chuli
Yala peak                                                                   Pokhalde peak
Mardi Himal 
Paldor peak 
Hiunchuli peak 
Chulu East 

Depending upon your enthusiasm levels you can undertake trekking peak Nepal. The view from each peak cannot be explained in words. So it can be seen that each and every peak has something special to offer as you do peak climbing in Nepal. It is a popular but challenging adventure tour in Himalayan region same adventure sport is almost impossible to find anywhere in the world.

Larkya peak - Larkya peak climbingBefore starting peak climbing in Nepal, we do briefing and provide the one day rock climbing course for preparation for beginner climbing enthusiast, which become the plus point for upcoming expedition. Peak climbing requires snow and Ice climbing experience and good knowledge how to use climbing equipment’s. Peak climbing in Nepal would offer you an opportunity to discover the splendid views of the mountains as well as enjoy the adventure of climbing. Climbing in Nepal has it all whether it is the snow-clad peaks, crystal clear rivers and the beautiful valleys.

Nepal is also known for its abundant forests and you would surely cherish peak climbing in Nepal. It would be an exciting trip to climb the various peaks and experience nature at its best. For those who want to discover the joy of trekking can for the option of trekking peaks in Nepal. The best part is there are peaks for regular climbers as well as for the new trekkers. Our experience climbing Sherpa and Mountain guide make your Peak climbing adventure sports in Himalayan region Nepal successful.

Garbage deposit for all 33 Peaks
US$ 250.00 Refundable*

Royalty for Group “A” Peaks

A. Up to seven members (U.S Dollars) 500.00
B. Then each additional member up to 12 person (U.S. Dollars) 100.00

Royalty for Group “B” Peaks

A. 1 to 4 Member US$ 350.00 only
B. 5 to 8 Member US$ 350.00 and additional US$40.00 per person
C. 9 to 12 Member US$ 510.00and additional US$ 25.00(per person)

Note: Maximum number of climbing members in each team is 12.