Things to do in Ilam with best time to visit Ilam tea garden Nepal

Things to do in Ilam with best time to visit Ilam

About ilam Nepal

Ilam is a small hilly town situated at Mahabharata range in the eastern part of Nepal decorated with pristine landscapes. Sloped tea states, dense natural forest, pilgrimage spots and unique cultures are the highlight of this place. Ilam District is situated in the height of 610 meters to 3669 meters above sea level and its area is 17039 Sq Km.

This city is famous for tea production and internal tourism. Students, corporate groups, couples and individuals are visit tea gardens of Ilam Nepal each year for sightseeing, trekking, picnic, pilgrimage and other tourism activities. The number of Foreign travelers from around the word increasing these days;

It is an excellent place to see main travel destinations are Mai Pokhari, Shreeantu, Sandakpur, Siddhithumka, Gajurmukhi, Kanyam, Fikkal, Mai beni, Sano Pathibhara and Ilam Tea Garden etc.

Things to do – Tourism in Ilam Nepal

Kanchenjunga base camp trek                     Pathibhara trek
Milke danda trek                                                    Lumba Sumba trek
K. South base camp trek                                   K. North base camp trek
Kanchenjunga trek                                               Sandakpur trek

Kanyam, Sandakpur and Antu danda are the most popular Sunrise and sunset view points. Height of Shree Antu 2328 m covered with tea gardens and pine trees. During the clear days one can see the views of Himalayan range, hilly area and plain land of India and Nepal. Things to do in Ilam with best time to visit Ilam

Fikkal is a business center near Shree Antu danda the way to Pashupatinagar and Darjeling separate from here. Mai Pokhari 2375 m is a pristine holy pond surrounded with thick rhododendron, pine, fir, juniper, and birch forest. Pilgrims come to worship goddess and organize special mela in Thuli Ekadasi.

Different species of orchids, herbal plants and wild animals like musk dear and leopards found in this area. To reach the star shaped Mai Pokhari located 17 km away from Ilam and takes 30 minute by drive. Mai Beni is the meeting place of two holy rivers Mai khola and Jog Maikhola located 3 km away from Ilam. It is a pilgrimage thousands of pilgrims and devotees come together on the day of Maghe Sakranti festival in January.

Sandakpur located at the edge of Nepal India border 3636 meter above sea level. Sandakpur offers impressive mountain views of Mount Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Everest. To go to this best view point one can drive from ilam bazaar to Maimajhuwa via Maipokhari then trek to Sandakpur takes 5 to 6 hrs.

Siddhi thumka 1800 m hill another attraction of ilam Nepal popular for sunrise and sunset views. Chhintapu is the second highest peak of this district its elevation is 3400m it separating the Singalila and Mahabharat Range. It is in 3 to 4 hours walking distance from Ilam Nepal, found about 11 different varieties of rhododendrons along the trail.

Best time to visit Ilam tea garden is September to December, or from March to May. We operate all kinds travel and tour packages according to your desire and duration of holidays. Ilam Bazaar is located about 700 km east of Kathmandu easily accessible by drive or flight.