Wildlife hunting Nepal with Dhorpatan wildlife hunting trip

Wildlife hunting Nepal

Wildlife hunting Nepal 

Dhorpatan is the only one hunting reserve of Nepal controlled hunting is allowed with proper license and certain seasons of the year. Manage the hunting, reserve divided into six different blocks hunting areas elevation from 2850 Meters to 5000 Meters above sea level. Mount Dhaulagiri I facts the seventh highest mountain of Planet

Hunting license is issued by the Department of National Parks and wildlife conservation in Kathmandu. Don’t forget to bring a good pair of binoculars and a really good camera to capture the sight of landscape, wildlife flora and fauna. If you interested for Wildlife Hunting in Nepal then do not miss the Natural beautiful Dhorpatan hunting reserve.

Spending a vacation in a place where one can have a variety of amusement is always entertaining. Nepal is one such place with varied number of fun activities. Nepal has a large number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in it. This ensures that the country has a wide variety of species.

Dhorpatan hunting reserve Nepal

People who wish to have a nice vacation in the presence of nature can blindly go in for Nepal and can visit the various national parks, conservation area, wildlife reserves and hunting reserve and can have a natural journey with the animals. In Nepal, people get an opportunity to have certain activities in the national parks and sanctuaries.

These activities include jungle safari, bird watching, nature walk etc. These activities are something that refreshes the mind as one experience these things in a fresh environment. Controlled hunting is allowed with proper license and certain seasons of the year. Hunting license is issued by the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu and there are a few hunting outfitters who can make arrangements.

Travel guide Swayambhunath stupa Kathmandu NepalNepal has many national parks; where the Kings of the ancient time used to hunt the wild animals. It was a hobby for the kings of that time to hunt the dear, tiger and spend their pass time, whereas in the present time hunting is highly prohibited in all the wild life sanctuaries and the national parks.

The government takes care of the animals in the national parks in a highly protected manner. Nepal is the best place for families who wish to spend their vacation in the presence of nature. Nepal has a great history of trophy hunting. Many Nepalese kings’, Rana’s and VIP has enjoyed trophy hunting in Himalaya Nation. wildlife hunting Nepal

King George from united Great Britain enjoyed hunting at Chitwan Bengal Tiger and One horned Rhinoceros. When Nepal regulated trophy hunting policy many people from America, Europe, Australia and Russia has enjoyed beautiful hunt Blue Sheep and the Himalayan Thar.

Nepal has great bio diversity landscapes, climate, vegetation and wildlife. Nepal has a great opportunity for hunters one can hunt in specific area, selected species of wild animals after getting the permission from wildlife conservation Nepal. Dhorpatan is the prime habitats of blue sheep and Tahr both are highly prized trophy animals, which is the main target of hunters.

Other hunting allowed species are Ghoral, Serow, Black Bear Pheasant and Partridge. March – April and October – November are the best seasons for wildlife hunting tours in Nepal; if you need more information or interested for wild life hunting, cost, License and itinerary write us we arrange wildlife hunting tours in Nepal.